High Pressure Washer Machines

Displayed Pressure Washer Machine is versatile, rugged for our climate and useful in getting done quickly, any tough cleaning job.

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High Pressure Washer Machines in Nigeria (Buyers Guide)

Pressure washer machines generate high-pressure water spray that could be used to remove loose paint, mold, grime, dust, mud, chewing gum and dirt from surfaces and objects such as buildings, vehicles and concrete surfaces in homes, shared spaces, office environment or Industrial surroundings like factories.

Displayed Pressure Washer Machine is versatile, rugged for our climate and useful in getting done quickly, any tough cleaning job. It features a petrol powered engine which drives a mechanical water pump. The water pump delivers the needed high pressure water in fine sprays for effective contact and force that removes alien particles or substance from surfaces.

Before each use, kindly ensure that the engine oil level is well gauged and that machine receives water from a liquid utility storage tank above its elevation. Both water inlet and outlet hoses should be firmly coupled to prevent leakage and enhance efficient operation. Never use any corrosive liquid in place of water for its use as this will damage the mechanical pump. Machine service should be done as detailed in the user manual.


Prices of High Pressure Washers in Nigeria

There are different models and capacities of Pressure washers in Nigeria and their prices are different. However a good high pressure washer costs between N100,000 to N500,000. Before buying a pressure washer check the following features as they affect the prices of a pressure washer


Features that affect the price of a High Pressure Washer

1. Pressure (PSI) Rating
This is the pressure/force at which the washer exudes (read: puts out) water. This is measured in ‘Pounds per square inch’, shortly called PSI and it is dependent on the power of the pressure washer’s motor. And the PSI you opt for would entirely depend on what you intend to clean with the pressure washer. For example, if you’d be cleaning mud-stained concrete floors and surfaces a lot, or your cooking grill, purchasing a pressure cleaner with a high PSI. For cars, furniture, and dust cleaning, a low PSI pressure washer would suffice.

2. Gallon per minute (GPM) rating
This refers to the number of gallons of liquid (mostly water) that a pressure washer can dispense per minute. Typically, the higher the number gallons per minute (GPM), the better and faster the pressure washer can get the cleaning done.

If you’d be cleaning large surfaces almost every day, or you run a commercial cleaning company that’d be attending to numerous customers per day, a pressure washer with a high GPM rating is what you should go for.

3. Power Source
Based on how their engine/motor is powered, there are two types of pressure washer:

Gas-powered Pressure Washers: From its name, the motor of these pressure washers are powered by gas/petrol. Their motors are usually more powerful and they have better pressure (PSI) rating.

Electric Pressure Washers: These are powered by an electric source and some come with a battery that can be charged. Electric pressure washers are often quieter during operation and generally easier to maintain.
Some other features to look out for include hose & hose management, nozzle types, cord length, presence of wheels, etc.

Where to Buy High Pressure Washers in Nigeria

There are several markets where pressure washers can be bought. These markets exists both online and offline. Some good online sources for the sale of Pressure washers in Nigeria include Cleaneat.NG, Jumia, Konga, Jiji etc. However, a highly reliable source that also offers same day delivery is Cleaneat