With the dust and dirt that exists in our environment today, there is no doubt that a key factor in ensuring our health is taken care of is ensuring we are in a clean germ-free environment. Where there are tons of products available in the market to ensure that your house is well protected from germs in terms of detergents and other medical products, the main tool in maintaining this cleanliness is often ignored. The tools used for cleaning such as mops, brooms and buckets also need to be of good quality and a particular variety to ensure clean, bacteria-free surfaces.

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In the last decade, a lot of research has been conducted into the quality and features of mops used to clean surfaces. With the introduction of class and ceramic as key materials in building a house or office space or any building for that matter, there have been multiple efforts to tackle the issue of maintenance when it comes to these surfaces.

We at Cleaneat Stores aim at providing you with all the options available in the market under one roof based on our back-end research of the brand and the quality. While we offer a wide variety of mops for your daily cleaning needs, we have further simplified it to cover the various types of mops that you would consider based on the requirement of your cleaning space.

Cleaneat aims to provide you with the best quality products at affordable costs along with the added variety to choose from. Be it a refill or a new mop pocha, cleaning wiper, mats for the house or glass top cleaning accessories, you will never fall short of options while you are shopping with Cleaneat.

Different Types of Mops Online

You can find many kinds of mops online. While some of these are flat mops which are best suited for dry surface mopping or different spaces like ceiling or walls, others are meant for wet mopping and come with a bucket to hold water.

Tub -Single or Double tubs

Spinner material-Plastic or Steel Spinning or Wringing inner Tubs

Handle-May come with a bucket like or trolley like handle

Wheels-Different styles of wheels

Simple Mop-Consists of a long hand-held mop with an absorbent base. Does not come with a bucket.

Mop Fabric-Microfiber material for dry and flat mops or absorbent material of mops with bucket for wet cleaning of floors