Automatic Hand Dryers

The basic utility of a hand dryer is to dry hands using an electric source. Hand drying machines not only help in maintaining hygiene, but also help in reducing waste produced by the use of paper towels. Cleaneat Stores offer a wide range of automatic hand dryers in Nigeria.

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Hand hygiene is a very important aspect in preventing spread of communicable diseases. A washroom is a place where the presence of disease-causing microorganisms is very high as compared to other places. And if a washroom is meant for public use, then one can imagine the concentration of microorganisms in there.

Since many disease-causing germs spread through touch, hand dryers were devised so that people can dry their hands without actually touching the roll of paper towel available for common use in public restrooms. Hand drying machines not only help in maintaining hygiene, but also help in reducing waste produced by the use of paper towels.

How do Sensor Hand Dryers Work?

Earlier, these devices were switched on using a button. When the button was pressed, the device started blowing warm air for drying hands. But new-age hand dryers have infrared motion sensors installed in them. The device detects motion and automatically turns on when hands are placed for drying.

Similarly, it automatically turns off when hands are moved away from the dryer, thereby preventing wastage of electricity.

Why are hand dryers better than paper towels?

Hand dryers provide dramatic cost savings over paper towels over time. While hand dryers require the upfront investment of purchasing the unit, paper towels must be purchased often and in bulk. Paper towels also drive up restroom management costs, requiring maintenance staff to refill paper towel dispensers and clean up paper towels left on floors, in the toilet, or in other inappropriate areas.

How long do hand dryers last?

Most hand dryers last between seven to 10 years, depending on the frequency of use. A hand dryer is a one-time investment which can serve its purpose for a long duration of time. Regular cleaning of the dryer is essential to maintain its efficiency. Janitors in charge of cleaning hand dryers must ensure that the air passage of the device is clean to maintain a steady flow of air. The sensor used to detect hand-motion must also be cleaned regularly so that its sensing ability is maintained at its best. Only when these few things are followed, working of a hand dryer will not be hampered.

How much does it cost to install a hand dryer?

Installing a hand dryer is very simple and can range in costs for installation. The major cost is that of the hand dryer itself. The price of Hand Dryers in Nigeria depends on the type and quantity. High speed hand dryers are generally more expensive than the normal hand dryers and range from ₦50,000 to about ₦100,000. The cheaper hand dryers are cheaper than ₦20,000.

Where to Buy Hand Dryers in Nigeria

Whether you are in Lagos or any part of Nigeria you can order for automatic hand dryer online in Cleaneat Stores. Delivery within Lagos is within 24 hours and 2 days maximum for any other part of Nigeria including Abuja and Port Harcourt. We have well trained installers that can help with the installation if you are in Lagos

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