We supply Automatic Infra red Sensor tap for wash hand basin in Nigeria. The faucet works in Automatic on / off which means that Infrared sensor faucet automatically turns on and off. When sensor is activated, automatically supplies water as soon as hands are within sensing range, and stops when you move away your hands.

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Sensor Taps/ Faucets FAQ

What are the Advantages of Automatic Taps?

Infrared faucets have a number of advantages over regular taps. For one thing, they are far more hygienic than normal taps because they require no human contact, meaning they’re far less likely to become contaminated with bacteria and viruses. This makes them ideal for places like hospitals and old people’s homes where hygiene is paramount – although of course, they can be used in any facility, workplace or private household to help keep the transmission of disease to a minimum. Infrared taps can also lead to significant water savings, because the taps only run for as long as is required for hand washing.

Price of Sensor Taps in Nigeria

There are different types of automatic taps in Nigeria and their prices differ. The price of sensor taps in Nigeria can be as low as ₦25,000 and as high as ₦280,000 depending on the type and the quantity requested.

How to Install a Sensor Tap

It’s quite easy. Installing a sensor tap is roughly the same as installing a manual tap. The only difference is, sensor taps usually comes with a control box which needs to be secured underneath the sink. Other connections and installation procedures are very easy to setup. Contact us on whatsapp for a video of how to install sensor taps.

How Are Your Sensor Taps Powered?

Most of our sensor taps are battery powered or can be both mains and battery. Battery-powered sensor taps are necessary in a country like Nigeria with epileptic power supply. Note that battery-powered auto taps will last for 2 years if you buy quality batteries. When it is powered  by both electricity and battery when there’s a power outage, it will automatically switch to battery or vise-versa

Where to Buy Sensor Taps in Nigeria

Whether you are in Lagos or any part of Nigeria you can order for sensor taps online in Cleaneat Stores. Delivery within Lagos is within 24 hours and 2 days maximum for any other part of Nigeria including Abuja and Port Harcourt. We have well trained technicians that can help with the installation if you are in Lagos

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