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Like the toilet chair a bath bench is an essential piece of bathroom safety equipment specially designed to help weak, elderly or disabled people minimize the risk of slipping or falling in the bathtub while bathing. CLEANEAT offers an extensive product line of bath benches, also known as bath chairs, bath transfer benches, shower benches or shower chairs. Our bath benches are height adjustable and designed to fit .

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Shower chairs can provide much-needed stability for elders, the disabled and the sick in the shower. They give you a comfortable resting place while you’re showering, which can prevent falls. After all, it is hard to fall if you’re sitting down. Some shower chairs are even designed to help you get in and out of the shower safely.

Best Shower Chairs in Nigeria

There are many different choices to pick from when deciding which shower chair is right for you or your loved one. It all just comes down to what features you’re looking for and which chairs can best provide that for you. From seat height to comfort, to security and stability; and whether it’s for accommodating an injury, disability, or something else, shower chairs are an important part of the bathing experience. They help by keeping everyone involved safe from slips and falls and helping to bring comfort back into the bathing routine.

FAQs about shower chairs for the elderly

1. When do I know if I need a shower chair?

Oftentimes it will be suggested by your doctor or caretaker when it comes time, however, you may feel ready for one before that point. It is a good idea to bring up at your next doctor’s visit.

2. Will I need to make any renovations to accommodate my shower chair?

No, the use of a shower chair is generally to avoid costly renovations to your bathroom.

3. Are shower chairs portable?

Most are, yes. They are not fixed features. This is particularly helpful when two people are sharing the same bathroom.

4. Do I need to clean my shower chair? If so, how do I do so?

Yes, it is good practice to clean the seat, back, and armrests of your shower chair to prevent dirt and bacteria build-up. Normal cleaning supplies that you use to clean the bathtub work on most shower chairs. Allow your chair to fully dry between uses, if possible, to eliminate possible mold growth.

5. Are shower chairs hard to assemble?

While it varies from chair to chair, most shower chairs are designed to be easy and quick to assemble without the need for tools. Instruction booklets and videos can help you put the chair together without much effort required.

6. Price of Shower Chair in Nigeria

It depends on the type you want to buy, whether its the bath transfer bench or the shower chair with back, the price of bathtub seat in Nigeria on the average is N35,000

6. Where to Buy Bath Seat in Nigeria

Order for your shower chair from the CLEANEAT Store and get it delivered same day to any Lagos location or 2 days maximum to any other part of Nigeria including Abuja and Port Harcourt


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