Walkers & Rollators

Walkers, also known as Zimmer frames, have a metal frame with four legs. Sometimes they will have wheels on the two front legs to make forward movement easier. Walkers provide more support and balance than canes and crutches because they have much wider contact with the ground. The user will generally place weight on the two sides of the frame, receiving great stability whilst maintaining a fair level of independence. Order for your walkers and rollators and get it delivered to your Lagos home or any state in Nigeria at a good price

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Mobility is a key component of overall independence. Without the ability to get about either in the home or in the local area many common and everyday tasks become difficult or even impossible. 

As loss of mobility can worsen over time without adequate physical activity, walking even small distances each day can be vitally important.

Whether some independence has been lost slowly over time due to illness or loss of mobility, or quickly following an operation or accident, mobility walking aids can make a massive difference.