Mosquito Nets

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Of all disease-transmitting insects, mosquito is the greatest menace, spreading malaria, dengue and chikungunya. These diseases together are responsible for several million deaths and hundreds of millions of cases every year. Somehow children are the easiest of target for mosquitoes to bite.

While, mosquito sprays and repellents help ward off mosquitoes, but if we could have a physical barrier between us and mosquitoes then it can go a long way in keeping us safe from vector-borne diseases. The sting of mosquito is not more than 4-5 mm long, so if we can keep mosquitos more than 5 mm away from skin then mosquito cannot bite.


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Advantages of Mosquito Nets

Anti-mosquito shield. 100% protection from mosquito bite.

  • Anti-mosquito shield. Completely porous, allows air to pass easily.
  • 100% protection from mosquito bite.
  • No harmful chemicals. No skin screams.
  • No electricity required. Long durability. No recurring cost.
  • One time investment
  • Light weight and durable. Easy to carry anywhere.
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