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Wind Spray Air Freshener 300Ml


Wind spray air fresheners add freshness to the room. It also serves as insects repellent. comes in different fragrances that gives the room varieties of freshness. It can be put in any areas of the house be it kitchen, bathroom, bedroom etc. Indulge your environment with exotic freshness, Wind Air Fresheners will embrace you with warm autumn notes and enthrall you with the vibrancy of forest flowers. Make your environment odor free and fresh. Ideal air freshener for office, hospital, hotels, restaurant, living room, shops, cars and hotel with long lasting Freshness

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This air freshener is great if you want to eliminate bad odours and to create a clean smell and fragrance that guests will love. Your home is your castle and so it should also smell like one. Designed with you in mind, wind air freshener is also great for use in bathrooms, kitchens, garages, garbage cans, and nearly any source of musty, smoky, or unpleasant odors. Wind is a 100% Natural propellant for cleaner fragrance. Unlike traditional aerosols that release chemical propellants with fragrance, Wind Air Freshener utilizes compressed fresh air to propel a soft, gentle mist, delivering a cleaner fragrance experience. It also produces 40% less carbon footprint than traditional aerosols. This amazing innovation is the best home fragrance to own. It has a refreshing and pleasant aroma to your office and home to curb pungent and unpleasant smell. Place an order for this product and have it delivered to your doorsteps in just a matter of hours! If you want to find the best price of air freshener spray in Nigeria then Cleaneat.NG is your number 1 online store in Nigeria

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Forest, Mistral, Wild Flower


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