Tissue Papers & Towels

If you need toilet paper, hand towel or other necessities on regular basis, want to buy in bulk at a great discounted rate, Cleaneat Stores is perfect for you. We are based in Lagos Nigeria and supply hygiene necessities to such a diverse range of businesses. Whether, in the kitchen, toilet, restaurants, and even on the go, tissue paper products are keenly used to maintain hygiene. It is an essential product found in most homes, offices and public restrooms.

Tissue paper is a soft, lightweight and highly absorbent product, which is also tear resistant, disposable and relatively strong compared to other forms of paper. It is mainly used in sanitary and household cleaning applications such as toilet tissue, paper towels and napkins

Our customers choose to use us because we recognise that you need cost effective quality products, recognizable brands and fast free delivery. We know that each customer has different requirements, so we offer tailored quotations, assist with product recommendation and bulk discounts.

Tissue paper suppliers in Lagos Nigeria
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