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Pestman Bedbug Powder Killer 60g | 100g


We are one the distributors of DIY product for total bedbug extermination in Nigeria. Pestman Bedbug Killer is one of the trusted products by most Professional bedbug Control Companies in Nigeria. Pestman Bedbug Killer Powder is a highly effective bed bug control product, can kill bug adults, nymphs and eggs fast on contact with 100% efficacy. After the bed bug contacts the powder, it loses its crawling capability. It is micro-toxic and its original drug is used to treat the parasites in animals’ body.

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This is the most highly effective bedbug control product in the market, one treatment, all bedbugs, adults, nymphs & eggs dies. it also serves to protect your home from reinfestation. Once applied, the bedbugs loses its crawling capability, & dies within 3 – 10 days & at the same time sterilizes the eggs. Result is 100% assured, no more frustration with other products that bedbugs evades. It can also be used to eradicate flea, louse & acarid.

kill bedbugs
– non toxic
– safe to human
– non-allergic to skin
– no odour
– long lasting effect – up to 12months

Application areas:
– bedrooms
– hotels
– dormitories
– hospitals
– chairs / cushion / bed / mattress
– bed bug hidden places

ingredient: 1% ivermectin
smell: odourless
color: off-white
net weight: 100g
shelf life: 3years
storage: cool & dry place

– do not sweep off the powder & it would be effective for 12months after application.
– keep away from children. it is not to be swallowed.

1 x 60g or
1 x 100g

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