Cleaneat Integrated Services is one of the leading Bed Bugs control companies in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Onitsha and other major towns in Nigeria. Bed Bugs are extremely difficult to eliminate and multiply faster than you may think and we have adopted and execute the latest in effective bed bug detection and extermination. For those clients that are in need of our assistance, we can help you get your home or apartment ready. Depending on the treatment process the preparation may vary.

100% Effective & Environmentally Safe Treatment Cleaneat runs fumigation services in Lagos Nigeria. Our bed bug control services is the most effective in Nigeria. We have specifically designed application tools for treatments of crack and crevices and areas where bed bugs hide. This treatment type is the most economical with 100% proven results.

Free Home Inspection If you have evidence of bed bugs infestation or want to help prevent your home against bed bugs, call us today for a free inspection. Our pest control field officers are trained to pinpoint bed bug infestation signs. On our first visit, we examine your entire home including beddings, furniture, carpets, cars and linens.
• Cleaneat will customize a treatment for your needs to quickly and safely eliminate bed bugs from the infested room or area.
• If bed bugs are found in the treated room or area within the next 30 days, Cleaneat will perform further treatment at no additional cost.
• If mattress encasements are purchased and installed for each mattress and box spring in the home, this guarantee will be extended to 90 days. 1
• A Cleaneat technician performs an extensive inspection of your home, including beds, furniture and linens.
• Cleaneat removes visible bed bugs and treats the area to eliminate any hidden bed bugs and their eggs.
• Cleaneat backs the work with our Bed Bug Guarantee.
This pest gets its name from the fact that it is usually found in close proximity to beds. That’s because bed bugs need the blood of warm-blooded animals to survive.

Unfortunately, bed bugs can mature in about 35 days. They then live about seven to 12 months. This makes bed bug removal difficult to do without the help of a professional.

Bed bugs primarily feed on humans sleeping in bed at night. The bite is painless, and the blood meal takes about 10 minutes.

How do bed bugs find hosts while they are asleep? Body heat, the carbon dioxide from exhaled breath and other biological signatures help focus the bed bugs on unsuspecting, snoozing hosts.

The bed bug feeds, then retreats back to its place of harborage for days or even weeks before coming back out. This can make detection difficult until the infestation is well established.

Bed bugs are skilled hitchhikers. In fact, they are primarily transported by humans and human belongings like suitcases.

Bed bugs are good at hiding, but not good at hiding evidence. The careless clues they leave are the best indicator your room is overrun with bed bugs. The clues to look for include:

• Shed bed bug skins, exoskeletons or shells
• Fecal stains on your mattress and bedding
• Blood stains on your sheets and pajamas

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