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Pest Control & Fumigation Training Course

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We believe everyone in an organization should understand and passionately play their role when it comes to work place hygiene, cleanliness and pest management. Therefore, it is imperative trainings and workshops of such are regularly conducted to ensure everyone knows and plays their part.. We provide custom made trainings to Company’s employees of any level and of any industries. We offer both online classes and offline classes depending on what suites the student. Our course offers the ultimate preparation for individuals and companies that are looking to improve their pest control and managing skills. Whether you’re someone without any previous experience, or you just want to reach higher standards and grow your customer base, you’re on the right track.

About the Course

The Pest Control and Fumigation course is essential for pest control operators in that it shows the attendee practical to carry out pest control for domestic, industrial and agricultural areas. A participant will understand the different kinds of pests their behaviours and environmental characteristics that influence their existence and multiplication in the environment.. You will be introduced to Integrated Pest Management (IPM) which is a term used to describe a pest management strategy that employs all appropriate approaches in a comprehensive approach with the goal of preventing pest populations from rising to undesirable levels or bringing them down to a manageable level.

What you will Learn

  • see, touch and feel various pesticides; know how to formulate and measure them to accomplish pest control operation.
  • basic principles of maintaining pest equipment and machineries ,
  • various spraying techniques like residual spraying, ULV spraying and Aerial spraying techniques,
  • understand Health Safety and Environment (HSE) aspect of conducting onsite pest operations.
  • how to identify and operate various pest equipment- knapsacks, handheld sprayers, mist blowers etc
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