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August 20, 2022

How to Eliminate Wall Geckos in your House

How to remove wall geckos in nigeria.fw

Wall Geckos or house geckos as it is called in some quarters are a common pest that can be found in most Nigerian homes. Wall geckos are often found on the walls of buildings hence their names. Despite all the negative stories associated with geckos they still serve some purpose in that they can help control cockroaches and bugs around the home as these are their major. While Wall geckos are not harmful, poisonous or dangerous, they can be a source of discomfort to us, just through their mere presence.

Wall Geckos are not in themselves harmful to human by nature, neither are they poisonous or dangerous. However geckos like other pests pose a health challenge as they leave behind their droppings and also transfer bacteria as they crawl from one place to another. The problem occurs when they begin slipping their way indoors, crawling up walls, under appliances and leaving behind their droppings. Note that unlike rodents geckos can be found in any house whether clean or dirty.

The first step in getting rid of wall geckos in your home or office space is to be sure you are dealing with a wall gecko and not a lizard. Both of them look alike in such a way that wall geckos are often called house lizard. though it can be said that all wall geckos are lizards, the reverse is not the case. Wall Geckos naturally have a scaly skin with a long tail that can detach and regrow. Wall Geckos are also known to change their colors to adapt to their environment but the  main difference between a common lizard and a common house gecko is that geckos do not have eyelids, therefore they cannot blink and have to lick their eye to clean them. Wall geckos also make chirping sounds unlike lizards. These sounds are used for communication among themselves.

One major sign that tells wall geckos around is their black or brown droppings with a white tip. These fecal droppings can stain carpets, drapes and curtains around the house. An even clearer sign is if you see one crawling up your wall! You can use the picture above to identify them. Geckos are nocturnal animals so you might not see one in your house but you can hear it bark or chirp during the night. They are usually found in kitchens and pantries where food is prepared and stored or on walls and corners.



  1. The Use of Egg Shells: place them around your home to scare off geckos. This method is a highly effective and yet cost little. What happens is that these egg shells have a way of scaring off these geckos as they interpret it as sign of a predator. Strategic areas to place the shells include entry points and in the kitchen. Another popular home remedy solution is the use of a mixture of garlic and salt.
  2. Applying Wall Gecko Repellents Spray: Gets rid of and keeps away all types Of Lizards & Geckos From Unwanted Areas Such As Sidewalks, Driveways, Garages, Sheds, Plants, Gardens, Patios by the use of wall gecko repellent spray. Made from natural organic materials these repellent spray won’t harm wildlife, insects, birds, pets, etc. but due to it being so concentrated, it makes gecko’s “wary” of treated areas.
  3. Set Sticky Traps & Glue Boards: This can be set at the entrance where you suspect geckos use to access the house. It can also be set in areas where insects are attracted toi light. The logic is that these geckos will come to such places to capture the insects while the traps ends up catching both the insects and the wall geckos. You can also set glue boards or sticky cards near windows or other outdoor entryways
  4. Eliminate insects from your Home: you can achieve this through routine fumigation or use of insect killers. Gecko lizards feed on insects and if insect are not available in your home/office, they won’t like to live there. So regular fumigation or use of insecticides can help eliminate insect in your house. You would need a fumigation expert to handle this
  5. Fix Nets on your Windows: Ensure you fix net in all your windows and doors (for door that is not properly sealed). This is because this creature has the potential to enter your home/office between few inches. The popular aluminium sliding windows isn’t reliable as they stroll to your house with ease from the bottom even after closed.

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