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How to Use Public Toilets During Corona Virus Pandemic
September 12, 2020


benefits of car washing

Male worker at car wash service washing a car.

Do you want your car to have long-lasting beauty? Do you want your car to look clean and new at all times? Then car wash is the answer!!!!

Everyone deserves a good and clean ride. The beauty of every car is defined by how neat it appears. To maintain the beauty and longevity of your car, you need to be making a constant effort in visiting the car wash.
A car wash is a place or an organization equipped with all the necessary materials or machines needed for washing automobiles. A car wash is also called a service station. Some automobile filling stations have their service stations.
An auto wash or car wash serves as a facility for both exterior and interior cleaning vehicles. The car washing process could be self-service (doing it yourself-DIY), full service( public service areas), or fully automated service( gas stations).
Auto wash has categories that could be hand wash(use of hands to wash), self-service facility( manually washing cars with water dispersing wand), in-bay automatics(used in filling stations and stand-alone wash sites with an automatic washing machine rolling back and forth over the parked car), conveyor or tunnel wash(a moves on a conveyor belt under a fixed cleaning mechanism and the owner can wait outside), mobile auto wash(use of plastic water tank mounted by truck, trailers or vans), auto wash lift( cars are placed on lifts for washing the under), touchless cash wash( measures the length and width of the vehicle by using high-pressure jets thereby conserving water, chemical, and time)
The importance of car wash can’t be overemphasized or overrated!
√ It protects the paint of the car: It wipes away car acid rain, dirt, and road salt that can be corrosive or rusty to the car.
√ Excitement: A clean car has a way of making you feel good and decluttering your mind.
√  Positive vibes: A clean car makes your car presentable, more pleasing to look and ride.
√ Building up germs: Building up of mold, bacteria or germs are prevented in regular car, especially the interior.
√ Perfect smell: Washing your car makes your car cabins to smell nice and makes you feel comfortable.
Just like bathing makes us feel good about ourselves, washing a car frequently can do wonders for your car, which is why you should pay regular visits to cleaneat for your professional car wash services in Lagos!!

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