2Sure Medicated and Anti-bacterial Soap 70g x 6pcs
September 28, 2021
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Auto Sanitizer Dispenser with inbuilt Thermometer
September 29, 2021

2Sure Medicated and Anti-bacterial Soap 120g x 6pcs


2Sure Cool Medicated and Anti-bacterial soap with menthol and glycerin which cleans, cools and moisturizes your skin, providing trusted 2Sure protection from a wide range of germs and bacteria.

It’s Tough on germs, gentle on skin.

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Antibacterial soaps are beneficial both for your skin as well as for your hands. Apart from giving you germ-free hands, the antibacterial soaps give you an anti-bacterial body. While you do a lot of work with your hands daily, it turns out to be significant that you keep your hands free from dirt and germs. In fact, the same applies to the body also.

So, when you shower your body should be free from the harmful bacteria, dirt, and soil. This is the reason for using a good antibacterial soap is an absolute necessity. Not only that but antibacterial soaps also deep cleanses the skin adequately other than the regular soaps or body washes that just saturates. Antibacterial soaps dispose of the body odor, prickly heat, and other skin related issues. So, here are a few antibacterial soaps to stay healthy and germ-free

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