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Round Plastic Pedal Bin


Durable, unique and easy to use plastic pedal bin. Easy to trash waste and very easy to clean. Ideal for home use, hospitals, hotels and offices. You can buy from our Cleaneat store for best price and fast delivery to Lagos and any part of Nigeria


Plastic Pedal Bin in Nigeria

This plastic pedal bin is good for proper hygiene keeping at home. Trash your bin safely without contaminating your hands and messing your  hand with  filth. All you need do is press the pedal to open the lid with your leg and then safely trash your waste So easily and conveniently. The lid ensures the bin is tightly closed at all times thereby preventing stench and diseases.

Highly durable and long lasting bin  with a difference. Highly recommended for every home, office, hotel, restaurant, hospital and for all outdoor situations. A bin for all health conscious individuals. Very easy to wash and clean after use. A fitted lid that prevents roaches and flies. Perfect for  use in the kitchen because of cooking activities and food items. With a 10 litre capacity, this is ideal for trashing waste at a time.