Wind Hand Sanitizer

Wind Hand Sanitizer Price in Lagos

Price of Wind Hand Sanitizer

We supply Wind Hand sanitizers at Wholesale prices: 50ml contains 72pieces in a carton and costs 19,000 Naira; 100ml contains 48 pieces and costs 18,000 Naira; 500ml contains 12 bottles and sales for 14,000 Naira;  and lastly 4Liters costs 8,000 Naira per Keg. Wind Anti-bacterial Hand Sanitizer is highly effective in killing the bacteria and germs found on the skin that may cause diseases and infections. Wind Hand sanitizer Kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses; Contains moisturising ingredients to leave your hands feeling soft. NAFDAC Registration Number for Wind Hand Sanitizer is 03-3275

Direction: Apply a reasonable quantity of Wind Hand Sanitizer to palm and rub pals together until dry. Do not wash off after use. Contains 72% Alcohol.

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