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When you step inside a home, one of the first things you might notice is the smell. When you live inside a home, one of the last things you might notice is the smell. Your sense of smell can be desensitized to odors you are around all the time. You might notice that when you leave your home and come back after a period of time, you suddenly realize something doesn’t smell quite right.

To make sure your home is always smelling good, here is a step-by-step guide to getting rid of odors and ensuring your house always smells welcoming.

Step #1: Garbage Disposal and Trash Can

So much time is spent in our kitchens, we want to make sure it always smells fresh and appetizing. If you smell something that’s not quite right in your home, the first area to check for bad odors is the kitchen. The garbage disposal and trash can are the usual culprits for foul smells.

Even with trash can liners, your trash cans should get a good cleaning out every couple of weeks. The bags can leak and bits of food can get stuck in the can or on the bottom of the lid, and this food will start to rot, causing a bad odor.

Step #2: Open Windows

Opening the windows is a great way to clear any odors out of your house. This will be especially necessary on a warm day during the heats. Opening the widows for ventilation will help to freshen up your house.

Even during the harmattan you should open the windows once in  a while. The fresh air will not only make your home smell good, but it will likely make you feel good as well!

Step #3: House Plants

Did you know that house plants can give you better air quality inside your home? Aside from releasing oxygen into the air, some houseplants are even really good at fighting bad odors! The Peace Lily is a great air filter and good at controlling odors.

The Mother-in-law tongue for instance converts poisonous substances into oxygen while citrus geraniums is a great fragrant plants to keep in the house. You can even have fresh herbs on a sunny windowsill if you have the room and they will keep your kitchen smelling delicious!

Step #4: Air Fresheners and Wax Warmers

Traditional candles are fantastic, but it’s important to be careful with the types of candles you use. You must ensure that chemicals are not being released into your home. A very natural way to release good scents into the air is essential oil diffusers.

All you need to do is fill a diffuser with water and add a few drops of essential oils, and your house will smell great in no time!  Better yet, it adds humidity to the air which is great for your overall well being.

Wax warmers are an alternative for your favorite scented candles without the open flame. Both wax warmers and diffusers still give off a warm glow and give your house that cozy clean smell you’re looking for.

Step #5: Deep Cleaning of your House

I know you think you are clean because you regularly clean your house. But there are often neglected areas of your house that may be oozing out smell without your knowledge. These can include your curtain, rug, sofa and even ceiling fans. Some stay the year round without cleaning their curtains. Apart from allergies that can bring it can also be a source of bad odour.

A good cleaning will make your home smell, but who wants to spend all their free time cleaning at home instead of living in it? CLEANEAT offers professional house cleaning service in Lagos and proud to serve by keeping the residents’ homes a clean and healthy environment for relaxing. If you’re ready to stop cleaning and start living, contact our excellent customer service today for your complimentary quote!

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