Disinfection Fog Machine Sprayer


In the season when infectious diseases are prevalent, the necessary disinfection methods must be adopted to effectively control the infection of the disease. the indoor fogging sanitizer machine can be disinfected in 360 degrees without dead angles. The ultrasonic spray is used to spray the disinfectant to any corner of the holiday to achieve the effect of disinfection and sterilization. Colorless, tasteless, and irritating can achieve efficient disinfection.

We supply the portable disinfectant fogging machine here in Nigeria. It is a device for killing harmful bacteria, viruses, fungus and pathogens in a car, public living room, office etc. It eliminates smoke and odor, eliminates formaldehyde PM2.5, purify particulate matter, sterilize and remove formaldehyde, etc.

The price of the fogging machine in Nigeria depends on a lot of factors. Call us for the latest price of disinfectant machine in Nigeria

Fogging Sanitizer Machine

Why Choose a Fogging Sanitizer Machine for Disinfection?

Due to the closed space and fixed personnel in office buildings, it is not a simple matter to carry out safe and comfortable disinfection methods. Conventional disinfection methods cannot be satisfied, or they cannot be fully disinfected, smell bad, etc. However, the ultrasonic fog smoke machine has a good atomization effect, which can make the disinfectant and water mixed in a perfect ratio and spray out the water.

It can not only humidify the air, but also make the skin more moisturizing, breathe the air fresher, and can disinfect and humidify the air in all directions. Colorless and odorless will not affect the normal work. The disinfectant used is food grade and will not cause harm to the human body. It will eliminate formaldehyde and disinfect it invisibly.

When the car is often used, there will be a lot of bacteria left in the air outlet, seat cover, carpet, and other places. You can turn on the air conditioner, atomizer, and fan at the same time to purify the air in the car, eliminate smoke and odor, and completely remove odor and bacteria. Breeding, but also can eliminate the fatigue of driving for a long time.

Feature of Fogging Sanitizer Machine:

  1. Simple operation: This product is designed for manual work and automatic work, in addition to power indicator, work indicator and power indicator, easy to operate, and direct.
  2. The atomization is extremely fine: The sprayed disinfectant is in the form of mist, the particle feeling is extremely small, and the amount of mist is large. It can permeate every corner of the room.
  3. Minimal noise: The noise generated by the machine during operation is extremely small, and almost no noise is generated.
  4. Automatic water replenishment, this product has the function of automatic water filling, one-time water and medicine can be used for 3-5 days, which reduces manpower and is convenient to use.
  5. Digital display: The disinfection time can be adjusted according to the needs of users and the area of the disinfection channel, which is convenient and practical.
  6. Regulatory voltage protection: The main power supply can have the function of output voltage regulation, which can better protect the host and prolong the service life when the voltage is unstable.