We specialize in providing professional facade cleaning that ranges from servicing high-rise buildings to maintaining small single-story retail shops and residences. Equipped with heavy-duty ladders, safety harnesses, cradles and pulleys, we are prepared to thoroughly clean office building windows from top to bottom. With a team of experienced and highly-trained cleaning experts, coupled with latest technology and equipment, we assure you that your building exterior is in good hands. Our external facade cleaning services include high rise and low rise window cleaning of all types of building such as office building, industrial building, shopping centre, commercial building, institutional building, etc. Though based in Lagos, we have worked for clients in Nigeria and other African countries

Clean windows not only improve visibility but provide a sense of satisfaction and contentment within an interior space. For businesses, a retail shop with sparkling windows attracts customers while a restaurant or cafe with spotless windows provides an inviting place to relax. At home, clear windows bring the enjoyment of the outdoors inside and add to the ambiance of a glittering night-time view.

When you choose Cleaneat Integrated Services, you’re guaranteed that all of the windows in your home, office, hotel or commercial building will be thoroughly and safely cleaned. We provide reliable window washing services for all types of commercial or residential buildings and have all of the equipment and staff on hand, ready to complete any project. Note that we also rent high-rise equipment


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