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Face Shields for Babies, Kids and Children

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From DIY cloth face coverings to medical-grade masks, families and health care workers around the world are all donning protective gear to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus. Now even newborns are getting special gear to keep them from coming into contact with COVID-19.

Tiny little mouths, faces, and lungs mean smaller airways, so doctors warn that babies should not wear face masks. Some hospitals came up with a clever solution: They are putting miniature face shields on some of their newborn babies born during the coronavirus crisis, in order to protect them from potential coughs or sneezes during their journey from the hospital to their homes.

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It is not only for babies, kids of school age are now required by some countries to appear on face shields as schools resume. Face Shields seem to be gaining in popularity at the school level. They are more comfortable for younger kids to wear than face masks. Particularly with little ones who are still learning to talk (and are hard to understand at the best of times!), it is both easier for them to understand others if they can see their lips moving, and for teachers to be able to comprehend what they’re saying. Toddlers are also less likely to try to take off a face shield than they are a mask.

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