Face Shield for Sale in Nigeria

We supply protective goggle face shield and other medical PPE in Nigeria. Protective eyewear and face shields offer a lightweight, economical eye protection solution against the splash and splatter of blood-borne pathogens and other potentially infectious materials as well as aerosol sprays. Features: Transparent, lightweight, comfortable, breathable, ideal for protect eye, mouth, nose from flying debris, droplets, aerosols, sprays and splatters

We supply different high quality face shields in Nigeria including the glass goggle face shield, the adjustable face shield, the foam padded face shield, the children or kids face shield. The foam Face Shields with band are comfortable to wear, with an elastic band to secure the Disposable Face Shield and a foam forehead pad to provide comfort during use. The adjustable face shield is good in that it can be won with your glasses while the most popular is the spectacle frame face shield because its fashionable.

The face shields or visors are specially designed for the needs of medical staff working in close contact with COVID-19 patients, to prevent disease spread during high-risk procedures such as intubations, while still providing them with the mobility and visibility required to do their jobs.

Face shield Prices in Nigeria

There are several types of face shield available in the Nigeria market. The Goggle face shield, the adjustable face shield and the surgical face shields are the most popular. The prices differ ranging fromN500 to N2,000. The quantity determines the final price. In other words the higher the quantity the lower the unit cost. So contact us for the latest and best price of face shield in Lagos as the prices keep fluctuating. Check out face shield with glasses price in Nigeria

There is also the face mask with shield that is becoming popular. The price is also dependent on quantity.