Rug Dryer, Carpet Dryer, Floor Dryer and Upholstery Blower Rental

Rent industrial blower in Lagos from NeatRentals. This industrial blower, compact and durable to speed up the drying of clean carpets, rugs and floor including chairs by up to 50 percent. It meets the criteria of the standard directives on energy saving.

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The industrial blower developed for the accelerated drying of wet-cleaned textile areas. The compact, lightweight and easy-to-transport machine makes possible up to 50 per cent faster drying times – cleaned carpets, rugs, floor are ready for walking on again considerably quicker. The dryer is also very quiet and can be used in noise-sensitive areas or during opening hours. A low-wear Ec motor guarantees low power consumption and a long lifetime of the machine, which complies with the European guidelines on energy efficiency.