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Virony Adult Diapers x10
November 15, 2021
BT Manual Liquid Soap Dispenser- silver | white | gold
November 17, 2021

Cockroach Killer Powder Bait Insecticide (10pcs)


This medicine powder is a very nutritious food for insects. Cockroaches will eat it, it will taste very good, but will die of poisoning. Attraction motivates living insects to eat the carcasses of dead insects. The insects that eat the dead insects and eat the powder will also die, and the insects that roam around will become infected with the virus and the healthy insects will also die gradually.


direction of use

  • Sprinkle at night, sweep in the morning.
  • For small home 5 packet and the big house for a minimum of 7 packets
  • repeal the process continuously for 3 days and, work will be done