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Mosquito Hanging Round Canopy Dome Net
Ceiling Hanging Round Canopy Dome Net [FITS ALL BED SIZE]
May 29, 2021
umbrella mosquito net for babies nigeria
Umbrella Mosquito Net For Babies
May 29, 2021

Original Permanet Treated Mosquito Net


We supply Long Lasting Insecticide Treated Permanet Mosquito nets in Family size, Queen and King size for corporate institution, pharmacy store, supermarkets, health facilities and Individual.  Permanet Mosquito Net helps keep you and your loved ones from mosquito, insects and dust particles. It is very handy and useful for camping and outdoor events. It is supported by flexible steel wires which gives it a sturdy structure when unfolded. It is made of high grade pure white terylene mesh yarn with super breath ability. Highlights Foldable Mosquito Net. Easy packing for easy storage Durable, Light weight and convenient


PermaNet servers vector control programs with leading solutions at scale with reduced need for repeat interventions

PermaNet prevents vector borne disease such as malaria which has a high mortality rate.

It enables the slow release of insecticide deltamethrin and requires no retreatment or dipping.

It contains a dirt repellant to keep the bed net clean and it is comfortable for the whole family

Long lasting insecticidal net tested and trusted by more than one billion people


  • Durable
  • Easy to wash
  • Easy to Assembly
  • Good at home
  • Prevent mosquito bit

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