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one touch Folding portable dome mosquito net
Foldable Pop Up Mosquito Net
May 29, 2021
Mosquito Hanging Round Canopy Dome Net
Ceiling Hanging Round Canopy Dome Net [FITS ALL BED SIZE]
May 29, 2021

Tent-style Mosquito Net With Poles


Mosquito net helps keep you and your loved ones from mosquito, insects and dust particles. it is very handy and useful for camping and outdoor events. it is supported by flexible steel wires which gives it a sturdy structure when unfolded. it is made of high grade pure terylene mesh yarn with super breathability. mosquito nets are designed to provide effective protection against mosquitoes, insect bites, and irritation caused by flies, thus ensuring that you can have a good night’s sleep without any interruptions or irritation its four corner pole makes it easy to assembled suitable for queen size bed


This Mosquito net with metallic stand will add to the decor of your home, besides catering for comfort and safety. From designing your bedroom to protecting your loved ones from mosquitoes,‎ you will experience comfort with this net. The net has metallic stands for easy support. The net also make your bedroom look pretty, unique and organised.

Product Features:

• Encrypted Mesh to prevent mosquitos and dust

• Laced design, made from fine craftsmanship

• Light & Easy to assemble

• Scaffold material: Stainless Steel

• Style: Court Mosquito Nets

• Number of door: 3 doors


Effectively block insect and dust.
• material: polyester+iron wire
• color: purple and other colors
• size: 2200x2000x2400mm
• suitable for queen bed (width 2.2m x 2m)

setting it up:
2.locate the four hinges of the bed canopy
3.hang each hinge up at a time
tie the bottom of the net on all four sides if you wish
how to care for the product:
machine wash cold
keep away from sharp objects
ironing is not recommended


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