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Lontor Handy Rechargeable Electric Mosquito Bat Swatter
Lontor Rechargeable Electric Mosquito Bat/Swatter Killer
July 1, 2021
Anti-mosquito Repellent Wristband
Anti-mosquito Repellent Silicone Wristband
July 1, 2021

Mosquito Killer Electric Fly Swatter Battery Powered Mosquito Bat Mosquito Zapper Racket


Racket zappers shock bugs with a wave of your hand Powered by two AA batteries, Racket Zappers deliver an electric shock that’s designed to kill any Mosquito that come in contact with the grid. You just press the button on the handle, wave the racket against any sort of flying bug, and zap! It’s dead. Pretty nifty, huh?


Enjoy a great day free from Mosquito and insects, regardless of where you choose to go. With a simple move with the  Mosquito Swatter! any bug attacking you and your family will be zapped on the spot. Notifying light for safe handling! You do not need to wonder if the device is on and working. Whenever you press the ON button, a red light will let you know that it is ready for use indoors and outdoors.

  • 1. Chemical Free: no need for toxic insect repellents and sprays; no smell, no pesticides, no fumes;
  • 2. Enhanced 3-layer Structure: 3-layer grid catch insect easily and never leak out; two external layers protect human and pets against accidental low power shock;
  • 3. No-Mess Convenient: ideal for picnics, BBQ’s, home, office, camping, grilling and more; no need to crush the fly against a wall or furniture to kill it, leaves no smear or mess to clean up after;
  • 4. Effective and Efficient: relatively open electrical grid to reduce air resistance and efficiently kill mosquitoes, flies, wasps, gnats, moths and more;
  • 5. Easy to use: activated by pressing and holding the power button; Lightweight, easy to maneuver and swing; 2 AA battery-powered (included);

Safe power input harmful to insect only not to human being and pets Insects are killed instantly on the spot by electric shock. Environmentally 100% safe. Convenient to handle for both indoor and outdoor purposes. No smell, no environmental pollution. No side effects and allergies from chemical. But keep in mind…


Do not touch the grid while the unit is ‘ON’ .Use dry brushes to clean the bat. Don’t touch the grid with metal articles to initiate sparks for fun, as it may give shocks and spoil the unit. Drop the burn’-out insects shucks to the net, soon after the device’s use. This is to avoid unnecessary sparks that cause loss of cell life. Don’t touch the grid immediately after switched “Off”, because the charge remains for 15seconds. Do not use the electric Mosquito killer bat near flammable gas/liquid, as the electrical spark could ignite flammable fumes. This product is a serious bug-killing tool, please keep them away from children and pets


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