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June 30, 2021
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July 1, 2021

Lontor Rechargeable Electric Mosquito Bat/Swatter Killer


Are you looking for where to buy the original Lontor Rechargeable Electric Mosquito Swatter Racket/ Bat in Nigeria at a good price. Cleaneat Stores delivers mosquito killer lamps, mosquito nets, repellents and other mosquito control products in Lagos Nigeria. We can deliver same day in Lagos and 2 days max for other cities in Nigeria


Are you being bothered by the annoying mosquito while you are trying to fall asleep at night? Or don’t want to wake up only to find that those are some red spots on your skin. Stilling Being driven crazy by the mosquito, fly and other insects? It’s time to get yourself a mosquito killer! This is a mosquito with beautiful and modern cover uses curved design to enhance the ultraviolet rays and LED lights to entice the mosquito which all contribute to better killing effects. It also operates quite at night, so you would not be disturbed and can let you fully enjoy your sweet sleep.


Battery Capacity: 4V 450mAh(lead-acid battery)

Battery Recharge cycle: 350 times (or more)

Using time:

1. 1SMD;16h

2. Continuous use of electric mosquito squatter: 1h

3. Normal Use of electric mosquito Swatter: 5-7days

Charging time: 8-10hrs

output voltage; 2500V

Rated power:1W


1. Fully charge the electric swatter for 8 hours before use for the first time to reach the best state

2. To avoid electric shock, Keep out of reach of children

3. Do not touch the net when being charged or being used to kill mosquitoes

4, Do not touch the plug and do not turn on the electric swatter when being charged

5, please charge the product after use. if not being used for a long time, it should be charged every three months to maintain the battery life.

6. it is strictly prohibited to use the electric swatter in the combustible gases place or inflammable, explosive, hazardous chemicals environment.

7. keep away from rain or wet conditions


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