2sure fresh lemon dishwashing liquid 500ml X18 CARTON
A Carton of 2Sure Fresh Lemon Dishwashing Liquid 500ml (x18pcs)
September 24, 2021
Chrome Flood Stand With Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser
Chrome Floor Stand With Auto Sanitizer Dispenser
September 26, 2021

Sanitizer Dispenser Floor Stand


This pro black series hand Sanitizer Stand allows for easy access to hand sanitizer with easy adjustable poles. This free-standing unit combines the Dispenser with a sturdy stand for use in any high traffic areas. Stand comes knocked down and is easy to assemble. Touch-free, trouble free dispensing system. The floor stand hand sanitizer dispenser stand also be called sanitizer stand, automatic hands-free soap dispenser with floor stand. It is widely used in hotel, guesthouse, office, hospital, airport, station and other public area, protect your business and customers by its convenience operation in washing and sanitizing.


If your business is reopening after shutdown, adding this to your safety health protocol will help keep your business safe, and of course, will bring peace of mind to your employees. It can also be placed in various indoor places such as hospitals, schools, shops, food outlets, supermarkets, and because it’s a perfect thermometer for adults, and kids you can place it even at your home!

Sanitizer gel is NOT included. Refills must be purchased separately.

  • Waterproof
  • Matt Quote Stands
  • Auto Sensor
  • Auto – Dispenser of any kind
  • moveable

Application: Public station, shopping mall, restaurant, airport high rise resident area, commercial buildings, event trade shows.