With the right hygiene you prevent the transmission of pathogens. In addition, you create a clean image of your business, shop or restaurant. Hand disinfection is especially important in highly frequented areas. Because about 80% of infections are caused by hand transmission. With our hygiene stations and disinfection columns you can effectively prevent this.

The Disinfection Booth or Gate is very useful to check the body temperature and to disinfect the person entering into a premise. Body temperature is checked using infrared technology. The machine will sound an alarm in case temperature is detected more than the set limit. Create your own level of hygiene with this selection of hygiene stations.

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Sanitizer Dispenser Station/ Stand

Provide your employees or customers a place to quickly clean their hands with an option from our collection of hand sanitizing stations. Whether you’re looking an automatic sanitizer dispenser or personal disinfectant wipes, we have the perfect option for your establishment. By making sanitizing stations as accessible as possible, and by offering a hands free soap dispenser, so users don’t have to touch any part of the unit, you’ll help create and maintain the cleanest environment possible.

Ideal for placement in supermarkets, hospitals, offices, restrooms, kitchens, and virtually any other establishment, an automatic sanitizer dispenser emits the perfect amount of sanitizer for the user, without them having to push a lever or other button. Not only do these stations prevent the spread of germs, they also give your customers and employees peace of mind knowing that they’re not touching a possibly contaminated surface. Available in a variety of options, you can choose from styles that can be mounted to the wall or free-standing stations, depending on your establishment’s setup.


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