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November 17, 2021
bf150 automatic thermal fogger machine price
Best Quality Thermal Fogger (Model BF-150)
November 19, 2021

Thermal Fogger


The Best Quality Thermal fogger in the market. Built to European Standards with one full year warranty and Spare Parts Assurance.

1.The machine is widely used in fumigation, greenhouse, agriculture, forestry, urban environment protection, epidemic prevention/sanitization and crop protection and disinfection.

2. Insecticidal, sterilization with quick effect, good effect is seen.

3. Disinfection and extermination of pests of public health importance.

simple operation, time saving ,labor saving ,solution saving , prevents frost; long range, wide coverage, high penetration.

4. It has strong adhesion and fog aerosols are fine and float in the air for a long time, hence better results

Best effect for fumigation and sterilization