50pieces per pack 3Ply cartoon face mask
50pcs per pack 3 ply branded Children face mask
October 7, 2020
PHILIPS Classic Dry Iron HD1172
October 8, 2020

Ximei Smart Vacuum Robot Cleaner


The Ximei Smart Vacuum Robot Cleaner machine makes cleaning so effortless with it’s Built-in battery, usb charging and long battery life. Illuminated switch button that absorbs dust and hair and automatically. changes direction When hit an obstacle, will turn and rely on the bottom to absorb dirt, dust, dog hair, and the hair on the floor. To use press one button, release your hands and sweep the whole house in less than 20 minutes.  Anti-drop, anti-collision, environmentally friendly battery, automatic cleaning, one-button start 60mm slim body, easy to use, can shuttle the bottom of the sofa, the bottom of the bed and other difficult to clean places.


Type power (w):40w–voltage (v):220v–

Type: other

Certification: installation:–dust

Storage type:–special suction nozzle:

Remote control: timing reservation

Product type: model number:

cord length (m):bag or bagless: cleaning route

route icd: battery life:

product type: robotic vacuum cleaners