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Steps to Get Rid of Bed Bugs yourself

If you are a tenant, it’s always a good idea to let your landlord know about the infestation so that he may inform other tenants about the presence of bed bugs in the compound so a collective measure can be taken to curb it. After he or she knows about it, make sure that you vacuum your entire house as this will ensure that you suck up most of the bugs and their unhatched offspring. It’s also recommended that you also vacuum the ends of your curtains. Due to the physical structure of the bed bug legs, they are often difficult to remove from different types of fabrics. You may be required to use a stiff brush to dislodge them from their resting place.

Steam Kills Bed Bugs

Secondly, if you can afford it, consider getting your rugs steamed as bed bugs cannot survive in temperatures above 50 degrees (120 Fahrenheit). If you want to really want to get rid of them fast, can also pick up a fairly cheap hand held steam blower at your nearest hardware store or supermarket. I have had a few people recommend using rubbing alcohol as this apparently is lethal to these pests. However, after some research, it seems that you have to dab each one which seems like way to much effort for me. I would rather just suck them up with my vacuum ?

Wash Your Clothes

Thirdly, it’s extremely important to wash all your clothes (even stuff that is unused) and use a dryer to kill the bed bugs on them. This also includes your sheets and other bedding. Remember to set it to the hottest possible and for longer than 30 minutes otherwise it’s possible the bed bugs will not be eliminated. It’s also recommended that you repeat your entire wash load twice. While this may take some time (especially if you have a ton of clothes), it will ensure that you get rid of these bed bugs properly without any chance of any surviving. While your clothing and other material is spinning around in your dryer, spend a little time fixing up any cracks in your furniture, ceilings and walls. As previously mentioned, they are often come from these type of places so it’s a good idea to fix them up. Plus I am sure it will improve the overall appearance of your home and perhaps score you a few brownie points with your significant other!

Use Insecticides

There are some known insecticides that kills bed bugs in Nigeria. Before you buy any of them, try to get testimony from other people that might have used such insecticide. We are not going to be mentioning any of them but you can call any of our lines for proper recommendation.

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