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Types of Fumigation done in Nigeria

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There are several types of fumigation techniques that will be mentioned and discussed here. Which is best for your pest situation is entirely up to you. A pest management technician is likely to recommend a fumigation type based on your preferences and the type of pest problem being treated.

Gas Fumigation

These are fumigants in a gaseous state. It is advised that this is done in enclosed spaces or spaces that have been sealed with gas-proof coverings. It’s to make sure that the chemicals don’t seep out into the environments that aren’t concerned because it’s a gas and travels faster, which makes it dangerous to pests and rodents and even more harmful to humans, pets and plants. This is very useful for homes and/or offices that alternative measures of extermination haven’t worked for because gas reaches corners that most substances can’t.

Solid Fumigation

Solid fumigation is often in the form of tablets, powders, etc. They are said to be a lot safer and easier to use than gaseous fumigants as they are less dangerous to the environment. They are also good for fumigating farms as they have no terminal effects on the germination. They are also the best options when it comes to fumigating processed foods if you are the kind to want to save seemingly contaminated groceries.

Liquid Fumigation

This is done by sprayers and is known to be more potent and faster than Gas Fumigation and Solid Fumigation. The liquid is sprayed over the affected areas. It can be carried out outdoors or in properly sealed spaces.They are more expensive when purchased in small quantities so it’s better to hire a professional who then decides the amount appropriate for the space that needs to be fumigated.Research shows that they are however a lot more harmful than Gas fumigants.

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