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February 8, 2019
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February 9, 2019

Why Do We Iron Clothes?

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If you have ever ironed an item of clothing, you’ll know only too well that it’s time-consuming and tedious. So why do we continue to iron clothes? Well, the primary purpose of ironing has not changed since the first electric iron was invented by Henry Seeley in 1882.

Irons were – and still are – used to smooth & remove creases from fabrics and clothing to create a professional, sleek look. But how does ironing work, exactly? To break it down simply, the heat of the iron interacts with the molecules in the fibres of the material you’re ironing. When you heat up these molecules, the fibres of your item are straightened out by the iron’s weight and as they cool down, they hold this new shape. It is necessary to use the proper temperature for each fabric.

Science aside, we at CLEANEAT understand that the primary reason for ironing is to maintain a smart appearance. When we present ourselves well, others respect us more. Unfortunately for the people who were around when the iron was invented, ironing was a highly manual process. But today, you have CLEANEAT to take care of your ironing chores.

Gone are the days of wondering ‘is there a Lagos ironing service near me?’ Instead, we invite you to sit back, relax and allow us to be your professional Lagos dry cleaning & ironing service.

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