Boat yacht and air craft cleaning service in Lagos Nigeria

Yacht & Air craft Cleaning

Whether its Aircraft, private jet, yacht, boat or ship cleaning CLEANEAT has the professionalism and know how to handle it. We love the immaculate appearance of perfectly clean jet / yacht and a carefully maintained cabin with its atmosphere of style and elegant comfort.

When the CLEANEAT team takes care of your aircraft’s appearance you can count highly skilled professionals. The passion for the final touch is the hallmark of our services. Everybody in our team shares a common goal:
We want every customer to leave with a smile saying: “See you next time”.
We are committed to bringing to you the best service experience around. Again and again. Striving for highest quality and service excellence every day is part of our DNA. If you expect more than mere average, we are the right choice.

Every aircraft interior is different, because it reflects the style and the needs of its owner. And so is our service – individual and tailored to the specific requirements of every single customer. Our work starts with a detailed incoming check and ends with a likewise well final check. Between the two there is the work of a highly professional team, which takes pride in meeting the highest expectations.

We also handle: