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September 7, 2019
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October 22, 2019

5 Stress-Free Ways to Get Rid of Bathroom Smells/Odor.

how to get rid of bathroom odor

We’re back with another article to brighten your day.

So maybe your bathroom suddenly developed a strange unattractive smell and you’ve been trying to get rid of it with all the air fresheners you could find. Yet, the foul smell has refused to leave. This article would enlighten you on 5 stress-free ways to get rid of that unappealing bathroom smell using easy-to-find items.

#1. Smells can hide in those tiny areas on the toilet that you don’t clean that often. So every
now and then, remove the toilet seat to clean around those fittings. You’ll be surprised at
the difference it makes.

#2. Add a couple drops of essential oil inside your toilet paper roll to release a fresh scent
every time someone uses it. You’ll be surprised at how much fresher your bathroom is with
this quick trick.

#3. Pour in one cup of vinegar into the toilet water tank , flush it a few times, and your toilet
will smell fresh again. Do not allow the vinegar to sit in your tank for long periods though.

#4. Your toilet brush is also one of the things harboring odors in your bathroom. Fill
your toilet brush holder with your favorite liquid cleaner, and let your brush soak in that
between uses.

#5. Your towels may be part of the odor problem in your bathroom. If so, use vinegar and
baking soda to clean not only your towels but to make your washer and dryer smell better


I suppose that you already give your bathroom a general wash like every two days, if not everyday. Try to make this a habit coupled with the above tips and you’ll be grateful that you did!


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