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Keeping your company’s office in top condition will help you attract more customers, maintain your brand, build a positive reputation and even help your employees be more productive.

When your office is clean and organised your customers will enjoy coming to your location and your employees will be able to do their jobs better and even enjoy their work more. Maintaining your office in top condition doesn’t have to be hard or time consuming, and these tips can help you maintain your office, no matter if you have a large corporation or a small business. If you can’t do it inhouse hire professional office cleaning companies to handle it for you

Organise Office Supplies

The first step to keeping your office in top shape is to keep office supplies organised. No matter what kind of business you have you have probably noticed that somehow things like notebooks, pens, paperclips and other office supplies have a way of spreading around the office. Corral the clutter by designating a specific area for office supplies and then use things like drawers, cubbies, boxes and bins to store them.

You can use any system that makes sense for your business, but the goal should be to contain office supplies where they can be easily found by everyone, so productivity and efficiency is increased. Keeping clutter out of site also makes your office look more professional when guests or customers stop by.

Clean Out Closets and Storage Areas Frequently

Closets and storage areas can be prone to clutter, so be sure to clean these areas regularly. Get rid of things you don’t need and make sure supplies and equipment are well organised.

A good way to clean out these problem spots is to remove everything from the area and sort things into three separate piles: “keep,” “donate” and “throw away.” The things you don’t need, but someone else could use, should be added to the “donate” pile, while old, warn out things should be thrown away.

As you put everything from the “keep” pile back into the closet, do it in a way that makes sense for your office. Put things people use often near the front and make sure everything is clearly labelled and organised.

Organise a Cleaning Day

While you may not be able to control how clean your employees keep their work stations and desks, you can organise a cleaning day that encourages everyone to clear off their desks, get organised and wipe down dust that collects on office supplies and other surfaces.

Every few months block out an hour from the work day for your employees to straighten up their areas. Provide cleaning supplies, garbage bags, recycling bins, desk organisers and anything else employees might need to make their areas look spick and span.

This tip will make your offices look more professional when clients come in and will boost your employees’ productivity and morale, to everyone’s benefit.

Wash the Windows Often

Don’t neglect your office’s windows. Dingy windows make your office look unattractive from the outside and don’t give your employees a very good view from the inside. Clean, sparking windows will make the entire building look better and your office more pleasant to work in.

You can easily wipe down lower windows on your building, but for higher windows, hire an access or work platform so you can reach them safely. It’s a good idea to do this on a regular basis, since windows can become dirty very quickly as the seasons change.

Clean Floors Regularly

You may not realise it, but the floors in your office make a big statement. If they are dirty and dingy, they tell your customers that you aren’t able to care for your office, which doesn’t exactly send the best message. Dirty floors are also unpleasant for your employees, so clean them regularly.

Use a vacuum and sweeper to clean floors on a regular basis, and then hire a carpet cleaner or a floor scrubber to give your floors a deep cleaning. This kind of equipment can help you make the floors look like new again, making your entire office look better.

Keep Things in Good Repair

Offices that have loose drawer pulls, broken tiles, torn rugs and other broken items feel run down and neglected. Your office probably takes a lot of wear and tear, so to keep it in top shape you will need to make repairs when necessary.

There are lots of repairs you can easily do yourself to save both time and money, so whenever possible hire the equipment you need and fix things yourself. Making repairs regularly will keep your office looking like new and will tell your customers that you care how your location looks and that you want them to have a good experience while there.

Repaint When Necessary

Office walls can get dingy, dented, scratched and worn. It’s quite amazing what a quick paint job can do for an office. If your walls look like they have seen better days, give them a new coat of paint.

Carefully consider what paint colours you choose, so you can achieve the right mood and design for your office. Different businesses and brands will require different designs, but if you aren’t sure what colours to choose, opt for neutrals. Neutral colours can have a calm, soothing effect that will make your office look and feel professional.

When your employees work in offices that are freshly painted and have walls that are in good repair, they will enjoy coming to work. No one likes working in a run down environment, so this tip can help you boost your employees’ morale, which will benefit your business.

Maintain the Garden

Keeping your office in top condition doesn’t stop inside; your gardens also need to be maintained. The outside of your building and your gardens are the first thing customers and employees will see when they come to your office, so make a good impression.

Make sure grass, trees and plants are trimmed often and that the garden is free of weeds and overgrowth. Plant things that will enhance your building and make your garden look full and healthy.

These tips can help you keep your office in top condition so that your customers will enjoy coming to your business and your employees will be able to do their work better and be happier with their jobs

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