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Professional Mattress Cleaning in Lagos Nigeria

CLEANEAT is your one-stop solution for mattress cleaning in Lagos Nigeria. Deep mattress cleaning by Cleaneat can eliminate pests and the problems they cause. Thorough mattress maintenance can also eliminate stains and odors caused by spills, chemicals or organic soiling. The cleaning technology that Cleaneat uses helps to effectively remove about 90% of the dust mites and germs from your mattress. If you do not maintain your mattress, you are allowing the fungal spores and dust mites to affect your life and the health of your loved ones living in your home.

The average recommended sleeping duration is 8 hours. So just imagine yourself spending about 8 hours daily on a particular mattress, you would hope that it is completely free of stains, germs and dust mites that can ruin a good night’s sleep. Just like a carpet and curtain, a mattress provides an optimum breeding ground for microscopic contaminants such as dust mites and bacteria. Contaminated beds can also be the reason for many allergens, such as sinuses and other respiratory illnesses. Spreading a clean bedsheet or comforter over the mattress can temporarily hide the unsightly stains but that is not enough. Our bodies produce sweat overnight and deposit skin cells onto the bed as we sleep. These can remain there for a very long time if not professionally cleaned.

We use Steam Cleaning Machines to not only Clean but Sanitize your Mattresses. Steam Cleaning removes stains, Dirt and soiled areas, kills Dust mites, Bedbugs and their ova and 99.9% of Bacteria. Our Unique equipment and Steam Cleaning Method involves agitating the dirt particles through Hot and Dry Steam injection and Extraction at the same time. This method not only ensures the removal of Stains, Dirt, dead skin cells that feed Dust mites but also sanitizes the mattresses by ridding it off the Dust mites and other Micro-organisms. Steam Cleaning enhances the life of your Mattresses. Steam Cleaning is 100% Green and thus safe for your Family’s health and our Environment. It save massively on Water. This is same method we use in upholstery cleaning

How it Works

  • deep extraction technique wherein the bacteria is killed and completely removed from the mattress.
  • We use high quality and professional machines for cleaning
  • We use only the best Eco-friend products to remove stain and odour from the mattress.

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