Glass Cleaners

Though all-purpose cleaners are technically safe for most surfaces, your windows, mirrors, and screens deserve some special attention with their own specialized solutions. The best glass cleaners wipe away grime, residue, and smudges that cloud reflections, block light, and keep your home from sparkling in the way it should after a deep clean. Unlike other cleaning solutions, glass cleaners have a multifaceted job cut out for them, so it’s important to use brands you can trust and that have good reputations, not just convincing labels.

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Ideally, window, shower door, auto glass, and even mirror cleaning involves a glass cleaner, a squeegee, and a couple of sponges. You should sponge on the cleaner, then use the squeegee to remove as much of the stuff as possible using a downward back and forth S-shaped pattern. Then get the corners and any patches you missed with a clean sponge.