Laundry Bleach & Stain Removals

Bleaches help whiten, brighten and remove stains. Bleach is a handy go-to cleaning product for two good reasons: first, it’s an excellent sanitising agent, designed to kill germs and mould before they have time to multiply; second, bleach also has fantastic stain removing properties – especially for white fabrics and some colour-fast clothes. Shop our collection of bleach on our online store

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Best Bleach Liquid in Nigeria

There are many products out there, this is why at, we provide you with the best bleach products to help remove stains and disinfect your kitchen and bathrooms. Our brands of Bleach include Comet, Hypo, Jik, Kleanmate, Sunshine and so much more that can also be used for chlorination of washing water and swimming pools. Whether Household uses or Industrial uses, do not worry because provides you with bleaches that fit your needs. There are also instructions on how to use the various bleaches for first-time users.

Where to Buy Bleach in Nigeria

Buy Bleach online for hotels, restaurants, hospitals, cannery, dairy units, and poultry plants. Browse online to buy Bleach products on that keeps your cutlery and dishes disinfected. The Bleach products come with whitening agents and disinfecting agents such as chlorine and sodium hypochlorite. The Bleach products are ideal for both households and industries to use and are easy to store. Buy perfumed bleach products at best prices in Nigeria online at,