stainless steel pedal Waste Bin
Stainless Steel Pedal Waste Bin
November 5, 2021
Triple Recycling Bin
3 in 1 Stainless Steel and Plastic Separate Recycle Pedal Waste Bin
November 6, 2021

Square shape Stainless Steel Pedal Bin (36 Liters)


A perfect waste solution for the environment conscious household, This 36 Liters pedal bin is fantastic for sorting your rubbish from day to day. Sleek and stylish, this bin features a solid stainless steel body and pedals for long lasting performance and repetitive use as well as accommodating 36 litre compartments that support removable plastic liners for effective cleaning and emptying. Single 36 litre compartments, Pedal operated, Stainless steel construction, Easy to empty and clean. Sleek and stylish design No Assembly Required. Ideal for Schools, Hotels, Homes and Offices, etc

  • Durable pedal bin
    Great for kitchens and work areas
    Practical addition to the room
    Stainless steel
    36 litre capacity