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June 23, 2021
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June 30, 2021

Good Knight Multi Insect Killer


Good knight Smart Spray is an innovative multi-insect repellent. This spray provides instant and 8-hour long protection from all mosquitoes. It has a mild and pleasant fragrance that avoids causing irritation. It can be used in the corners of the room, under the sofa/bed, behind the curtains etc. Now get rid of mosquitoes instantly and protect your family from diseases like malaria, dengue, etc.

The Good knight Sprayer is a household Insecticide Sprayer in lagos nigeria and also trusted to give complete protection to families without any worries.



  • INSTANT ACTION: With powerful, concentrated actives to provide effective protection
  • 8-HOUR PROTECTION: Effect of Good knight Smart Spray lasts up to 8 hours
  • ALL LIQUID, NO GAS: No gas formula that gives 700+ sprays guaranteed
  • PLEASANT FRAGRANCE: Mild pleasant fragrance that causes no irritation
  • USAGE: Can be used in the corners of the room, under the bed/sofa/table, behind the curtains and other exposed areas of the room


  • This insecticide gives effective residual control and fast killing of crawling pests (cockroaches fleas, ants and flying pest (eg flies, mosquitoes ,moths)
  • It is suitable for use in a variety of situation such as home, hotel, office, shops,barracks, ship, garbage etc.
  • It is the ideal solution for killing pests and maintaining a pest free clean environment.
  • Kills all insect
  • Kills all mosquitoes
  • Highly recommended

Usage Instructions:

  • Open the cap of Good knight Smart spray.
  • press the nozzle to release the spray in each area.
  • Spray 10-12 shots in the corners of a room.