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July 19, 2021
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July 22, 2021

Reusable metal clamp rat trap


This is a great reusable metal rat trap. It can help you to wipe out rats in your garden and in your house. with it’s heavy duty metal base and spring with jagged edge, can clamp the rat tightly and It’s very easy to use, Quickly trap and kill rats with it’s most powerful features, a large bait trough and a highly sensitive trip pedal.  ensuring a quick, humane kill. The reusable metal clamp trap means business, making your rat problem a thing of the past. and it’s reusable can be put indoor or outdoor.

We offer at a very affordable price and we highly recommend the reusable clamp trap as one of the best and effective rat trap in lagos nigeria.


About this item

  • Reusable trap effectively kills rats and is easy to set by hand or foot
  • Interlocking teeth make escape virtually impossible
  • High impact plastic and rust resistant metals allow the rat trap to be re-used again and again
  • Removable bait cup lets you bait the trap without setting
  • Place snap trap perpendicular to a wall or other structure where rats are known to travel



  • Effectively kills rats
  • Powerful, aggressive design is effective and easy to use
  • Sets by hand or by foot
  • Removable bait cup lets you bait without setting
  • High impact plastic and rust resistant metals allow trap to be re-used again and again


How to use:

Step 1. Push the back metal bar down to open the trap.
Step 2. Keep the metal bar pressed down to lock into rear of trap, avoid the trap closing place bait carefully onto tray while holding the bar down.
Step 3. Place the trap wherever you think there are mice,set the open side facing the wall,as the mice seldom cross open areas check the trap at regular intervals.