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July 17, 2021
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July 19, 2021

Victor Electronic Mouse Trap


Say goodbye to unwanted mice with help from the Victor Electronic Mouse Trap. A convenient alternative to traditional snap traps, the Victor Electronic Mouse Trap kills mice within seconds using a high-voltage shock. The trap’s bait trough located along the back wall lures a mouse inside and onto the metal plates. Its advanced smart circuit technology senses the rodent and instantly delivers the shock for a quick, effective, and humane kill, which makes it one of the best mouse trap in lagos nigeria. The tunnel design and beveled columns hold the mouse in place, preventing escapes and ensuring a 100-percent kill rate.


About this item

  • Trap uses advanced smart circuit technology to sense when a rodent enters the unit
  • High voltage shock kills mice in 5 seconds. Built-in safety switch and tunnel design protect kids and pets
  • Beveled columns hold mouse in place for 100% Kill Rate – no escapes. Kills 100 mice per each per set of 4AA batteries (not included)
  • Easy to use – simply bait, turn on, and empty. Lid flips open to keep hands away from rodent.
  • Product is not designed for use with rats NOTE: Check instruction video and User guide in Technical Specification before use


  • Humane, high-voltage shock kills mouse in seconds
  • Kills one mouse per setting
  • Kills 100 mice per set of batteries
  • Easy-to-use: bait, place, turn on and empty
  • Beveled columns hold mouse in place for no escapes
  • Built in safety switch and tunnel design protect children and pets
  • No-see, no-touch experience
  • Indoor use only
  • No chemical or poisons
  • Trap is reusable
  • Requires 4 ‘AA’ batteries (not included)

How to use: 7 Easy Steps

1. Remove battery cover.

2. Insert 4 ‘AA’ batteries.

3. Replace battery cover.

4. Bait the trap.

5. Place the trap along the wall.

6. Flip the switch to ‘on’.

7. Easily empty rodent into the trash.