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Suspended Platform Cradle Rental


We are able to gain immense expertise in rendering Rope Suspended Platforms Rental Service to clients in Lagos Nigeria. These rental services for the platform are highly admired among the respectable clients, owing to reliability, flexibility, and credibility. In addition to this, specialized rental services for suspended façade access equipment hire offered by us are rendered by hard-working experts, who make sure to utilize commendable knowledge and rich experience in this domain.

How to place order

Please note that the price is per week and includes transportation, operator and installation


Hire Suspended Platform Cradle in Lagos

Suspended Gondola Platform/ Aluminum Colombia Hanging Scaffolding is throught the top of suspension mechanism on the roof of buildings, hanging with wire rope along building facades, the motor assembly with two side of gondola and drive the load which inside the gondola up and down. work gondola have a stromg adaptability to construction site, it is always to be used for wall cleaning, maintenance, decoration, windows or other kind glasses cleaning, installation, maintenance or high buildings surface painting works.

The model perfectly suited to lightweight applications such as painting and decorating, refurbishing, jointing and repairs, windows cleaning etc. The complete system consists of the working platform equipped with two electric LTD hoists and the support wheels, suspended by means of steel wire ropes from a suspension structure.

We pay all our attention for the Suspended Gondola Platform/ Aluminum Colombia Hanging Scaffolding, working construction cradle, hanging construction cradle, construction cradle design and manufacturing. Wall construction cradle for high buildings and windows cleaning A good tools and make work efficiently.