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5 Steps to Take Immediately You Suspect Bedbugs in Your Home.

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Bedbugs are tricky little pests that feed on human blood. They can cause all sorts of problems for folks who are unlucky enough to discover that these creatures have moved in.

Here’s the good news: if you do have bedbugs, they can’t do much harm to you. Bedbugs are not known carriers of disease. However, they are extremely annoying and very tricky to track down. They are very tiny and can hide in virtually any nook or cranny. Once you start to suspect these annoying creatures in your home, you have to act fast to get rid of them before they reproduce and spread.

Want to learn how to get rid of bedbugs before they spread? Keep reading..

#1. Identify That You Have Them

You will most likely discover a collection of itchy, bumpy bites on your upper body (though not always) and these bites are usually lined together or in a cluster. Bedbugs are lazy eaters and don’t like to move around too much. However, doctors estimate that as many as 30% of people don’t have a reaction to their bites, which is why you need to look out for other signs like “black pepper” stains that look a bit like smudged ink. This is a major sign of infestation and will often be around the seams and edges of mattresses. You may also find shed skins and even live bugs themselves

#2. Figure Out Where You Got Them

Hotels and airplanes are havens for bedbugs, so be very careful when you travel. Bedbugs can also be carried from the home of someone whose house is already infested. You should also avoid secondhand furniture and books, which can carry bedbugs.

#3. Bag Your Stuff

Your immediate reaction is probably to throw your mattress out straightaway. Don’t do it. Instead, cover the whole thing in a bedbug-proof casing. Even if you wrap it up in plastic and trash it, it won’t necessarily be safe, and is a great way to spread the bugs to your neighbors. Additionally, it is bad for your own home. If the bugs were confined to just your mattress, pulling it out of the house will spread them everywhere. Get a casing instead and save yourself some latter regret.

#4. Vacuum Them Up

Vacuum every room in your house, and be sure to get every nook and cranny. As soon as you finish vacuuming a room, remove the vacuum bag, seal it with tape and place it in a sealed plastic trash bag. This will help you to avoid spreading them from room to room.

Before you put your vacuum away, thoroughly cleanse it with rubbing alcohol to get rid of some bugs that might be stuck to the vacuum.

#5. All of the steps identified above are just preparatory steps.

The minute you suspect you have bedbugs, you need to call a professional bedbug fumigation company. A professional bedbug fumigation company can treat your home thoroughly with chemicals and heat or freezing treatments. That includes your furniture and luggage.

Do not try to chemically treat your home on your own — only a well-reviewed professional fumigation company can do it right!

If you find out that your home is infested with bed bug you can call Cleaneat- One of Nigeria’s best bed bug removal companies

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