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October 9, 2017
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All About Fumigation in Nigeria

fumigation in Nigeria

Fumigation is the process of removing unwanted pests from an environment. Fumigation may be used to remove insects–including termites and ants–or rodents from a building environment. Fumigation may also be used to remove pests from soil or foods or from items being shipped. Generally, fumigation involves the use of a lethal gas to suffocate or kill the unwanted pests.

Preparing for Fumigation
Prior to fumigation, anything living must be removed from the area being fumigated. This includes  pets and people. Foods and medications should also be removed, or sealed in special bags that protect them from the fumigants. (If food is the target of the fumigation, fumigants that do not leave harmful residue will be used.) Dirt surrounding the area to be fumigated should be watered, to prevent fumigants from infiltrating the soil. In one method of fumigation.

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How Long Will the Fumigation Last?
The chemical typically must remain in the area being fumigated for a set number of hours, which varies based upon the same factors that affect the dosage. The average fumigation period is between 8 and 15 hours. Fumigants are generally removed from the house using a process called aeration, in which the doors and windows are opened and fans are used to remove the chemicals. After the aeration is completed, someone–usually the fumigator (the company or person who brought in the chemicals)–must ascertain the amount of chemical that remains in the air and certify the area as safe for re-entry.

The List of Fumigation Services offered both commercial and domestic are as follows:
• Empty container fumigation
• Apartment fumigation
• Residential fumigation including bed bug treatment
• Cargo fumigation
• Agricultural products fumigation
• Ship holds fumigation
• Warehouse fumigation
• Timber treatment
• Mills fumigation
• Food processing machinery fumigation
• Marine disinfestations
• Prophylactic treatment for warehouses
• Rodent control
• General insects and pest control
Termite control treatment
• Anti-Fungal treatment for pallets used in export packing
• Heat Treatment for wood packing materials
• Fumigation consultancy services
• Inspection of warehouses
• Hygienic and sanitation procedure of warehouses
• Air cargo fumigation
• Air craft fumigation

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