Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

We sale both the wall mount infrared thermometer and the hand held thermometer in Nigeria. We also have the 2 in 1 infrared thermometer cum sanitizer dispenser. Working with several importers and wholesalers we make this forehead thermometers available to Nigerians at a very good price.  You can pick up from our Lagos office or have it delivered to any part of Nigeria including Abuja and Port Harcourt.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This non contact thermometer FAQ tries to answer most of the questions that has come from our customer while trying to buy or in the course of using a non contact infrared thermometer. Our goal in Cleaneat is to make all our clients informed buyer and not a shopping victim.


Types of infrared thermometer available in Nigeria

There are several types of infrared thermometer available in Nigeria. There is the hand held temperature gun, the wall or tripod stand mount and the 2 in 1 thermometer that doubles as a sanitizer dispenser. Also note that infrared thermometers are divided into two: the clinical thermometer used in measuring the human body temperature and the industrial IR thermometer tat measures the surface temperature of objects.


How to use infra red thermometers

It depends on the type of thermometer as outlined above we have tree types, you need to study the manual to know how to use it or simply contact us if you bought from us. For the manual hand held thermometer, you need to turn on the device then point it to the forehead, press and hold the button to get the reading. For the wall thermometer which can also be mounted on a tripod stand, measurement is automatic, you just bring your head 5 to 10cm close and the device will automatically detect and read your temperature. The two in one works the same way as the wall mounted thermometer but has the added advantage of reading the temperature while the person is using the sanitizer. Its more time saving and more safety precaution


Are infrared thermometers safe?

Clinical infrared thermometers are completely safe to use on everyone – babies, children, and adults as long as you don’t point the laser beam into their eyes. These non-contact devices also allow measuring the temperature of humans from a safe distance.


What temperatures do infrared thermometers measure?

The temperature measurement range of infrared thermometers varies according to its type. Clinical IR thermometers for body surface temperature typically have higher accuracy (± 0.1°C) and can measure temperature in the range of 32–42°C. Industrial IR thermometers, on the contrary, have an extensive temperature range, usually between -50°C and 1000°C.


The Price of Infrared Thermometer in Nigeria

How much is forehead thermometer in Nigeria? Well the price of infrared thermometer in Lagos Nigeria depends on the quality and its always fluctuating. So its better you contact us through Whatsapp for the recent cost of infrared thermometer in Nigeria. Below is the current break down:

hand held thermometer between N8,000 to N20,000

Wall Mounted Thermometer N25,000 to N40,000

2 in 1 IR Thermometer Dispenser N65,000 and above

These prices are dependent on quality and quantity



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