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The COVID-19 Rapid antigen tests are designed to tell in a few minutes whether someone is infectious or not. We sale the WHO approved Covid test kit here in Lagos Nigeria. Browse below for the available kits

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What is Covid-19 Antigen test (RDT)

COVID-19 Antigen test helps detect certain proteins in the virus. Rapid antigen tests are designed to tell in a few minutes whether someone is infectious or not.

Covid-19 rapid antigen testing is recommended as a high performing test for individuals with symptoms, high-risk populations, and healthcare or casual workers.

Unlike every other Covid-19 test, Antigen tests are more affordable, Cheaper, easier to use, and provide results within 15 minutes at the point-of-care.

When to take the antigen test

You can take a COVID test for any reason at all, but here are the times the FDA recommends you get tested, even if you have been vaccinated.

  • If you have COVID symptoms, including cough, shortness of breath, fever, and other respiratory virus symptoms
  • Have been within 6 feet of someone with a confirmed case of COVID for a total of at least 15 minutes. (If you are unvaccinated, get tested right away; if you are fully vaccinated, get tested within five to seven days after exposure, according to the CDC.)
  • If you took part in high-risk activities, including any time you couldn’t socially distance as recommended, such as when traveling, in crowded indoor places, or attending large gatherings or mass events

Many people who are asymptomatic are now getting screening tests for COVID at work, school, or before or after travel or events.

COVID Test Kit Price in Nigeria

The price of COVID test kit in Nigeria depends on the brand.

SD Biosensor test kit costs around N90,000 contains 25 tests

Abbott Antigen Test Kit costs N80,000 contains 25 tests

Flowflex home test kit is N35,000 contains 7 tests

The full range of the available COVID test kit in Nigeria can be found on our online website/

Please note that prices fluctuates